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Why Us

  1. We can Save Your Home and your family.
  2. We Stop Foreclosures and we can help you avoid foreclosure.
  3. Be very aware the lenders are using (Forbearance). to make it easier to foreclose on your home later. We will be happy to explain how they are doing this.
  4. We believe we are the leading firm in the US at stopping foreclosures with over a decade of experience.
  5. Read what our actual Clients say about us by clicking above on (Client Reviews).
  6. Find Out What Can Be Done!
  7. Open 7 Days per week. 7AM to 10PM EST.
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A Few of Our Client Reviews

We would love to help! It is what we do,
everyday of the week – everyday of the year.

In fact, our 82% success rate has let us help more families save their homes from foreclosure than any other organization in the entire United States of America, (that we are aware of). That means that we have encountered every obstacle and overcome it! We have found every loophole, and know how to best exploit it! (We have spent more time with families who were in the same situation that you possibly are, and have saved their home just like we can do for you).

How do we do what we do?

The only way to save your home is to take control of your situation. Go along with what the Bank wants you to do and in most cases you will lose your home. In 82% of all mortgages we find lender fraud. "To do this takes experts with years of training and access to data bases that cost thousands of dollars a month to connect to. When fraud is found then you are in the position of taking control, not the bank. Simply stated: Find the fraud then sue the lender.

Please take advantage of our no risk, no obligation, free consultation with one of our qualified specialists. We want to help save your home. We are here for you 7 days a week at 1-800-984-0993

STEP 1: No cost

Free phone consultation with a Rockingham Foreclosure Counselor. Usually a 15-30 minute discussion to see if your needs meet our expertise. If it does, we will move to step two.

STEP 2: No cost

You will send us some information via email or web format, and one of our expert paralegals will do a no-cost evaluation of your situation. This free peek will let you know what actions you can take against your servicer. If you wish to take legal action, we will proceed to Step three.

STEP 3: Fee based

A full-fledged evidence investigation, normally taking five to seven days. This investigation will nail down all the evidence required to commence legal action. You will receive a report, forty to eighty pages in length, and your foreclosure counselor will schedule a phone consultation with the expert paralegal, normally within two days. During that phone consultation, we will all decide when to start legal action and commence Step four.

STEP 4: Fee based

Rockingham and your paralegal will offer to assist you with a pro se law suit against your creditor. Our assistance will involve all legal writing, and helping you step by step through the legal procedures. We are expert in assisting homeowners in pro se litigation. You need not fear, we have tons of victories under our belts.

We do not take on cases we do not feel we can win.

Follow our lead to victory.